What can you see on the tyre:

185/60 R15 109 H European standardized form of marking tyres.

185- This is the section width of the tyre. (width of the tyre in mm.)
60 - This is the aspect ratio of the tyre. That is the sidewall height of the tyre as a percentage of the section width.
R - This means the tyre is of radial construction.
15 - This is the internal diameter of the tyre.
109 - This is the load index. How much weight the tyre can carry.
H - This is the speed index. The maximum speed the tyre is designed. for

31x10.50 R15 109 Q European standardized form of marking tyres.

31 - a height of inflated tyre in inches
10.50 - tread width in inches

The next codes which you can find on tyres:

HT, H/T Highway Terrain - tyre is designed for road use.
AT, A/T All Terrain - for moderately difficult terrain.
MT, M/T Mud Terrain - for difficult terrain.
M+S, MS, M/S, M&S - for winter tyres.
Tubeless - plášť je určený pre použitie bez duše.
TWI - maximum wear indicator

Created by Miroslav Kasa