The business terms and condition


Purchase agreement under which the sale of goods is carried out seller-buyer, there is a mandatory order confirmation Bindingconfirmation of an order shall be deemed confirmation by phone or e-mail, and it also,which is implemented by the previous com sending electronic orders. Order Confirmation normally carried out by the sellerafter verifying the availability and date of delivery of the goods required. Confirmedorder, or part thereof, is considered as binding upon both parties, unless the breach of the terms agreed at the time of confirmation. For the essential conditions areconsidered, the content order - the exact specification of the goods and number, the price of goods and transport, process and delivery date.

Order Cancellation

Cancellation of orders by the buyer:

The buyer has the right to cancel the order without giving any reason at any time beforethe solemn affirmation. After an order is confirmed only when the seller fails to comply with the agreed terms of delivery. In case of cancellation of confirmed orders the buyer is obliged to pay the seller damages caused by the dealing.Seller exercises its right to payment of damages in particular the purchase of goods "to order", which was necessary to request customer to obtain or, in the context of ensuring goods has already taken the demonstrable costs.

Cancellation of orders by the seller

Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part thereof in the following cases:

- the order was not possible to confirm the (incorrectly listed the phone number is unavailable, do not respond to e-mails etc.)
- The goods are no longer manufactured or available, or are significantly altered pricesupplier of goods. If this situation occurs, seller will immediately contact the buyer to agree on how to proceed. In the event that the buyer has paid part or full amount of the purchase price, will have that amount transferred back to his account or address within 10 calendar days.

Withdraw from the purchase contract

In accordance with the law as a customer you have the right to cancel the contract within 5 days of receipt of goods. If you decide to withdraw in this period, please compliance with the conditions set forth below:

Contact us that applying for withdrawal, date of purchase and your account number or address for a refund. If you have already received the goods and to take, send it back to our address listed and contacts in the following ways:

- goods must be in original undamaged packaging,
- must be complete (including all accessories, instructions etc.),
- send it along with proof of purchase.

Goods please send by registered mail. (No cash on delivery)!

When all the above conditions for returning the goods you send money for goods, check or wire transfer to your account no later than 10 working days after physical receipt of goods.

In the event of failure of any of the above conditions will not unfortunately be able to accept cancellation of the contract and consumer goods will be returned the cost of sending back.

Terms of Delivery

1.) deliverable supply (of goods ordered) are subject to availability of products andbusiness opportunities seller realized as soon as possible. Usually within 48 hours to 5working days from the commitment order confirmation. In exceptional cases, deliverytime may be longer, after agreement with the buyer.

2.) is taking place down on the purchase order. To meet the supply is considered deliverable supply on the site. Included the installation is not deliverable, unless stated otherwise the product. Transportation to the destination, the seller provides.Consignment of goods always includes an invoice, which is also a warranty and instructions for use of the product.

3.) We provide transportation of goods all over the Slovak Republic, Slovakia and beyond!

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