Our tyres offer an unlimited guarantee.

The guarantee covers the entire protector. Protectors are available in velocity coefficient (up to 160 km / h) to V (up to 240 km / h). Kilometrage is fully comparable with the new tyre.

In the case of justified complaint of the right of the client liability faults it would met adequately cover of the purchased price, according to the residual design/ pattern.


conditions of guarantee:

Guaranteed are the tyre of brands GLOB - PNEU for passenger cars, vans, all terrain, four-wheelers, van and sport.

1. This guarantee does not relating for damaged goods., inter alia:

  • faulty assembly or disassembly
  • misuse of the product
  • poor technical condition of the vehicle, including misalignment of geometry, defects, damage to self or foreign damage.
  • mechanical damage caused by the tyre reaches the shoulder, colliding on the pavement, collision in the road etc.
  • incorrect driving technique, and in particular, braking, acceleration, etc.

2. The amount of tread is less than 1.6 mm excludes responsibility of guarantees.

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