Duro DI2010
The Buffalo will move the soup, rip through earth, tear through forest, and get you to those places smoothly due to it's riding characteristics. The most obvious feature of the Buffalo is its aggressive multi-directional "V" shaped tread pattern. It's diagonal lug placement as well as the size, thickness, and tread depth all contribute to it's incomparable performance to any other tire in the market. Because of the tread design this tire will get you through any mud, gravel, or sandy condition safely. The Buffalo features 4 & 6 ply rating for superior durability and resistance to puncture.


25x8 - 12 - 73,50 Eur
25x10-12 - 77,70 Eur
26x8 - 12 - 82,00 Eur
26x11-12 – 98,90 Eur

Duro DI2025
Power Grip FrontRear Tire Features Radial tire helps alleviate hard impact and boost driving comfort when riding on rough trails Innovative sidewall design keeps shoulder from being punctured and rim from being damaged Tubeless

25x8-12 - 86,70 Eur
25x10-12 - 93,90 Eur
26x9-12 - 83,50 Eur
26x11-12 - 84,00 Eur

The 'Zilla tire is quickly becoming one of our most popular tires! Maxxis continues to push the envelope with their all new 'Zilla tire. The 'Zilla is hands down one of the lightest mud-tires on the market! Go ahead and compare the weights! It features an aggressive tread that pulls well, yet won't beat you up on the trails, bog your machine down with excess tire weight, or break your wallet.

25x8-12 - 93,90 Eur
25x10-12 – 122,80 Eur
26x11-12 – 130,00 Eur
26x9-12 - 108,35 Eur
27x11-12 - 169,78 Eur
27x9-12 – 144,45 Eur

Results from some of our most extensive research and development efforts ever. Combines the award-winning technology of our Mud Lite and 589M/S to produce smoothest riding mud tire on the market today. Super-aggressive tread design features deep, angled, grooved lugs to achieve an exceptional level of traction. Light in weight yet still 6-ply tough! Two diameters provide you with the ability to tailor a tire choice your specific riding requirements. The 12-inch option is ideal for primarily muddy conditions, offering better flex and more flotation. The revolutionary 14-inch model is an excellent all-around trail/mud choice, with its lower-profile sidewall resulting in reduced flex and a dramatic improvement in handling and rider confidence. Radial construction means the Mud Lite XTR rides smoothly and finds more traction than a bias-ply tire because of a larger contact patch. A radial tire�s footprint actually grows under load!

25x8-12 - 151,65 Eur
25x10-12 - 169,80 Eur

AT 589

25x8-12 - 151,65 Eur
25x10-12- 175,15 Eur

The ITP 589 tires are a good choice if you are looking for off road performance. They have massive dimpled lugs that overlap the centerline to deliver maximum traction. One of the lightest weight, best performing, mud and snow tire on the market today! They are 6 ply rated tire, so you know they will hold up against the thorns and terrain.


25x8 - 12 - 119,20 Eur
25x10 -12 - 140,88 Eur

Based on the legendary Bighorn, the new Bighorn 2.0 is a lightweight version that mimics the tread design of the original, with a slimmer profile. Radial construction provides better shock absorption, allowing for a smoother ride. The non-directional pattern provides predictable cornering and claws up roots and rocks, creating optimum climbing confidence. The Bighorn 2.0 boasts a 6-ply rating, offering the durability that you’ve grown to expect from Bighorn tires.


25x8- 12 - 104,76 Eur
25x10-12 - 130,00 Eur
25x12-12 - 90,27 Eur
26x10-12 - 126,42 Eur
26x12-12 - 148,05 Eur
26x9- 12 - 130,05 Eur
27x10-12 - 155,33 Eur
27x12-12 - 162,55 Eur
27x9- 12 - 144,50 Eur
28x10-12 - 169,78 Eur
28x12-12 - 184,21 Eur

The Mud Lite Tires from ITP are designed for the rider who travels all types of terrain and occasionally wants to hit serious mud but doesn't want too bulky or heavy tires which can bog down the motor. Mud Lite offers cutting edge technology, all around performance, long distance durability, and a smooth ride combined at one great price! Their design results from extensive hours of computer-aided engineering. These ATV Tires are a revolutionary design for all-conditions, yet can perform when conditions get slippery!

Kenda Bear Claw k299

25x12.50-10 - 106,55 Eur
23x8.00-11 - 72,24 Eur
25x10.00-11 - 97,52 Eur
25x8.00-12 - 75,85 Eur
25x12.5-12 - 106,55 Eur
26x9.00-12- 92,10 Eur
27x10.00-12 - 93,05 Eur
27x12.00-12 - 117,40 Eur

Kenda K299 Bear Claw tires have an aggressive tread design that will provide you with a beefy hookup packed into one of the meanest tires available. Their angled knobs dig into the terrain for maximum traction, while their center lugs provide you with extra traction and better control. They are compounded with a special tear and snag-resistant material that extends tread life and also protects the tires against punctures from sharp objects. Kenda K299 Bear Claw tires have built-in rim guards that protect your rims from dings and dents, while also preventing dirt from wedging between the tires and rims.

Maxxis All Track

25x8-12 - 74 Eur
25x10-12 - 80 Eur

The Maxxis All-Trak features a dual scooped tread knob to provide superior traction and offers rugged shoulder knobs to aid in cornering stability. Designed for use in the most challenging conditions, the All-Trak has been used by Mike Penland in the GNCC race series as well as the Baja 1000.

Kenda K538 Executioner 4x4 Mud Terrains

25x10.00-12 - 160 Eur
27x12.00-12 - 160 Eur

Rated as one of the most versatile tires on the market by Mud magazine the K538 Executioner offers tall knobs for extreme muddy conditions combined with a cross over tread pattern design to improve mud clearing and ride quality in the areas that are not so muddy. The casing structure is 6 ply rated and the new rubber compound was designed to reduce punctures as well as provide excellent traction in the muddiest terrain. So if you are looking for that mud tire that will provide a good compromise between deep mud and normal riding terrain the K538 Executioner is it.

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